What to wear in a hot day : Pleated Green Dress

It`s one of those days when you want just to stay at home because outside is too hot, watch some new movies, listen to your favorite music, surf the whole internet for new lovely clothes and drink fresh limonade. Well, for some of us this is a fantasy : you cannot just lay because you have a lot of stuff to do. But for the days when you are free and you go shopping or even   for a walk you should wear something comfy that keeps you cold and does not sticks on you. For today`s look I chose a tribal – pleated green dress, just perfect for this hot days. It can be worn with heels or even regural sandals, for an elegant look or a casual one. If you wonder where I bought the dress you can just click HERE.

DSCN5192ed DSCN5198ed DSCN5204ed

Pleated Green Dress – HERE

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!

10 gânduri despre “What to wear in a hot day : Pleated Green Dress

  1. Yes, there are days we want to stay home 🙂 Anyway, you look amazing! I loved that dress, beautiful colors and the shoes are perfect for it! You look really gorgeous!


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