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Beauty is not a standard measure, it does not depend on weight, age or proportions. Day by day we are taught by Media, Magazines and even our idols that beauty means to be skinny – and nothing could be more WRONG than this. There is not a clearly definition for the concept of being beautiful – for the wise ones beauty comes from the inside, from the happiness and kindness. All of us have seen how some plump people were desconsidered just because they are not 90-60-90. Over the years we all will learn that what really matters happiness. We do not have to worry about our appearance that is ephemeral and is blasting with every day that passes by – take care of your soul and the ones you love.
SUMISSURA is a new brand that strongly belives that all women should have the possibility to express themselves through their own style. Its intention is to reinvent the concept of beauty, giving the chance to every women to create her dreamed piece of clothing. On the site you can create your own blouse for example, being able to choose the material, pattern, model, design, color. Their 3D configuration system allows to combine all the different options that the customer may want to apply on their garnments. Their will is to make every women feel beautiful and appreciated.
I took a part in their project and I strongly support their campaign and intention. I created a red-wine chiffon blouse with some coloured details. The result was so lovely and I am so glad for gathering this experience.

Choose SUMISSURA if you want your clothes to represent you!

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Create yours HERE

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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  1. I really love this concept! I have neved heard before about this site but for sure I will check it! You look very amazing, gorgeous! kisses

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