Little Red Dress -OOTD

Nature is always the answer when freedom is the question. I can say that nothing amazes me more than the wonderful and eternal alive places. Life is about exploring and re-visiting old places, remembering past memories and re-live those times. In the heart of a small mountain-town, hidden from eye-wise there is a magical resort with breath-taking views. It is the place where heaven touches the Earth, where the music of violins embraces your soul and frees your mind. With my red dress on I started walking through the lovely park that I have not seen in a while. Nothing changed since the last time I came there – maybe just one thing : the place became more attractive. In the air breeze my dress was making waves and everyone looked at me as the way spectators watch an unexpcted play.
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Flare Red Dress – HERE

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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