Vintage Dress & Flash Tattoos – Embrace the Sun

The only things that can compete with the sun”s rays are gold and… Flash Tattoos! I know that everyone has been obsessed with them all this summer and to be honest, they are really great and look amazing on the skin. They can also replace accesories and give to the enitre look a gently touch of elegance. Being very easy to apply and wear, flash … Continuă să citești Vintage Dress & Flash Tattoos – Embrace the Sun

Little Red Dress -OOTD

Nature is always the answer when freedom is the question. I can say that nothing amazes me more than the wonderful and eternal alive places. Life is about exploring and re-visiting old places, remembering past memories and re-live those times. In the heart of a small mountain-town, hidden from eye-wise there is a magical resort with breath-taking views. It is the place where heaven touches the Earth, … Continuă să citești Little Red Dress -OOTD