Urban Fall – The concept of RED

I had always considered that red will always remain a color that defines fashion : it looks very catchy and by its vibrant effect this color can easily control the entire fashion world. Its strong shade makes you look more … Continuă lectura

Ombre Sweater & Sun

Autumn is almost over and this thing becomes more obivious with that coldness from the outside. It seems that today I caught the last smiles from the sun and put them into some artistic photos. The leaves are saying ”Goodbye” … Continuă lectura

Discover the heart of the forest – OOTD

RO : Un soare arzător și o arșiță insuportabilă.. cam de asta avem parte în ultima vreme. Lăsând la mare distanță jungla urbană, descoperim ceea ce în copilărie consideram un adevărat paradis. Pictată în milioane de tente de verde, pădurea … Continuă lectura