Refreshing Moments

No make-up, no heels, no purse. Tocmai de aceea nu am adăugat în titlu și sintagma ”#ootd”, cu toate că multe dintre voi, cu siguranță, mă veți întreba și de rochița pe care am ales să o port. Ca în fiecare an, odată cu apariția lanurilor de floarea-soarelui, eram fascinată de cât de perfectă poate fi corola acestor flori, parcă îmbrățișată de petale placate cu … Continuă să citești Refreshing Moments

Beginnings – OOTD (Bucharest-part1)

Bucharest can be sometimes such a challenge. You start finding some parts that you never thought you would have ; although you discover even the limits you are supposed to decrease. For me it is a completly new World that shadows my past in a magic way. Sometimes it`s a city full of colours, where everyone comes to realise their dreams and  find their true … Continuă să citești Beginnings – OOTD (Bucharest-part1)

Urban Fall – The concept of RED

I had always considered that red will remain forever a shade that defines fashion : it looks catchy and its vibrant effect can easily control the entire fashion world. Its strong shade makes you look more confident and also more powerfull. Since I was little, this color sticked into my heart and I am pretty sure that for my graduation prom I`d go for a … Continuă să citești Urban Fall – The concept of RED

Autumn feeling & White Crochet Blouse : OOTD

Autumn is not a season, autumn is a vibrant feeling. I see Autumn like an endless transition, the capacity of remaining beautiful no matter what happens around : even if the leaves die, they become yellow, orange or brown and dress the enitre nature in amazing shades. I just love to walk through multicoloured leaves, take them and then throw all the beautiful ”butterflies” in … Continuă să citești Autumn feeling & White Crochet Blouse : OOTD

The dress of passion : Red Crochet Backless Dress

Red is the color of passion , love and elegance ; it is also very vibrant and emphasizes always the best & beautiful things. The dress that I am wearing here is simply WOW!!! I looks so amazing, is really comfy and makes you look stunning. I had an obsession for maxi dresses in the past but now, with this dress – that became also … Continuă să citești The dress of passion : Red Crochet Backless Dress