Embroidered Blazer – OOTD

I have always been fascinated by emboidered blouses and how carefully they are made and sewn. Their details always have a special meaning and represent a memorable event of some sort of peoples. The catchy look is however a very simple one : the ”background”/main color of the clothing item is white and has some colored details like flowers or floral designs. I am pretty … Continuă să citești Embroidered Blazer – OOTD

Lovely Outfit + `The Peles Castle` Romania

Another day of our trip ended and I feel like it`s been one hour since we were here, in Sinaia. We woke up very early in the morning, ordered breakfast in our hotel room and admired the amazing view from the room`s balcony. After drinking some glasses of orange juice we started walking to`The Peleș Castle` with wind behind us. We saw the breathtaking buildings & architecture … Continuă să citești Lovely Outfit + `The Peles Castle` Romania

Discover the heart of the forest – OOTD

RO : Un soare arzător și o arșiță insuportabilă.. cam de asta avem parte în ultima vreme. Lăsând la mare distanță jungla urbană, descoperim ceea ce în copilărie consideram un adevărat paradis. Pictată în milioane de tente de verde, pădurea încă ascunde o deosebită atmosferă, unde totul pare ireal de plăcut. Cu rucsăcelul vișiniu în spate și purtând o ținută foarte casual, am pornit să ”explorez” … Continuă să citești Discover the heart of the forest – OOTD

Summer 2k15`s obsession : White Hollow Crochet Blouse <3

Should I say again how much I love hollow crochet-lace items? Well, I guess my blog`s name should`ve been `Lace Obsession` haha. Without kidding, lace-crochet gives a special and elegant touch to the entire look. It is just perfect for summer because its little holes keep you chilly. This lovely blouse can be worn with skirts, jumpsuits, shorts or jeans – it depends on where … Continuă să citești Summer 2k15`s obsession : White Hollow Crochet Blouse <3

Baby Roses & Crochet Dress – Romantic look

The only things that really counts in life are moments and memories. There are always those days when you have nothing planned, you step outside, admire the amazing nature and smile for no reason. No matter what age you are or how you look like – it is that kind of happiness which brights your soul and makes you think positive. Sometimes the smallest things … Continuă să citești Baby Roses & Crochet Dress – Romantic look