OOTD: Romantic look & floral dress

Daca verile trecute aveam o obsesie pentru hainele din dantela, sezonul acesta mi-am descoperit atractia pentru cele cu imprimeu floral. Acest lucru nu a ajuns (INCA) la stadiul de obsesie, insa vom vedea pe parcurs cum va evolua. Remarcasem acum ceva timp renumitele costume de baie de pe Zaful si bineinteles, am intrat si eu sa vad ce mi-as putea comanda. In timp ce  incercam … Continuă să citești OOTD: Romantic look & floral dress

Embroidered Blazer – OOTD

I have always been fascinated by emboidered blouses and how carefully they are made and sewn. Their details always have a special meaning and represent a memorable event of some sort of peoples. The catchy look is however a very simple one : the ”background”/main color of the clothing item is white and has some colored details like flowers or floral designs. I am pretty … Continuă să citești Embroidered Blazer – OOTD

Vintage Dress & Flash Tattoos – Embrace the Sun

The only things that can compete with the sun”s rays are gold and… Flash Tattoos! I know that everyone has been obsessed with them all this summer and to be honest, they are really great and look amazing on the skin. They can also replace accesories and give to the enitre look a gently touch of elegance. Being very easy to apply and wear, flash … Continuă să citești Vintage Dress & Flash Tattoos – Embrace the Sun

Lovely Outfit + `The Peles Castle` Romania

Another day of our trip ended and I feel like it`s been one hour since we were here, in Sinaia. We woke up very early in the morning, ordered breakfast in our hotel room and admired the amazing view from the room`s balcony. After drinking some glasses of orange juice we started walking to`The Peleș Castle` with wind behind us. We saw the breathtaking buildings & architecture … Continuă să citești Lovely Outfit + `The Peles Castle` Romania

Little Red Dress -OOTD

Nature is always the answer when freedom is the question. I can say that nothing amazes me more than the wonderful and eternal alive places. Life is about exploring and re-visiting old places, remembering past memories and re-live those times. In the heart of a small mountain-town, hidden from eye-wise there is a magical resort with breath-taking views. It is the place where heaven touches the Earth, … Continuă să citești Little Red Dress -OOTD