How to wear a lace bralet – casual&sexy look

It is a cliché that bralets are just undewears and you cannot wear them without anything over! Well, some parts of the sentence are true, but you can also wear bralets without being judged by others. How? Firstly, to make things clear, there is a difference between a bra and bralet : you cannot wear a bra as a shirt (except for going to sea/pool). Bralets … Continuă să citești How to wear a lace bralet – casual&sexy look

Summer 2k15`s obsession : White Hollow Crochet Blouse <3

Should I say again how much I love hollow crochet-lace items? Well, I guess my blog`s name should`ve been `Lace Obsession` haha. Without kidding, lace-crochet gives a special and elegant touch to the entire look. It is just perfect for summer because its little holes keep you chilly. This lovely blouse can be worn with skirts, jumpsuits, shorts or jeans – it depends on where … Continuă să citești Summer 2k15`s obsession : White Hollow Crochet Blouse ❤

All natural & lovely crochet dress – OOTD

Nothing is more attractive than confidence. Well, I know that everyone says this but at some point we will feel it on our skin someday. Me, for example, I feel so confortable when I DO NOT wear make-up and I`m fresh. Sometimes make-up will make us look more tired that we really are. I rarely use foundation, eyeshadow, mascara , eyeliner. I have to admit, … Continuă să citești All natural & lovely crochet dress – OOTD

Baby Roses & Crochet Dress – Romantic look

The only things that really counts in life are moments and memories. There are always those days when you have nothing planned, you step outside, admire the amazing nature and smile for no reason. No matter what age you are or how you look like – it is that kind of happiness which brights your soul and makes you think positive. Sometimes the smallest things … Continuă să citești Baby Roses & Crochet Dress – Romantic look

Lace Knit Blouse& Blue Jeans

After an unforgettable weekend, I hardly woke up this morning, opened my eyes and saw a friendly wind outside : ”yesterday I was planning to wear that crochet dress.. Umm I guess it should wait until next time”. Every women has difficulty in picking up the clothes, even if there is just an ordinary day. You do not have to dress special just for someone, but … Continuă să citești Lace Knit Blouse& Blue Jeans

Black Crochet T-Shirt & Neon Skirt – Summer`s must have

I always had a big crush on crochet&lacy clothing items. I mean –  how could you not love them?! Wherever you would wear this style you will get compliments and catch everyone`s attention. I remember that when I was little, my grandma made me a white crochet blouse with small red flowers on it – I simply adored it at that time! I was so amazed … Continuă să citești Black Crochet T-Shirt & Neon Skirt – Summer`s must have

OOTD : Lace&Pinky shades

RO : Fiecare zi trebuie consemnată în vreun fel – pur și simplu nu lăsa timpul să treacă pe lângă tine fără a simți si trăi o schimbare. De multe ori mă gândesc la cât de repede trece timpul și, privind în urmă, realizez cât de multe lucruri s-au schimbat și încă se află în continuă tranziție. Mi se părea clișeică la un moment dat … Continuă să citești OOTD : Lace&Pinky shades

Autumn`s Rays

Happy Friday everyone! Nuanțe de maro, auriu și galben pal…Una dintre cele mai frumoase combinații de culori. Tot ce mai lipsea era o rochiță roșie de vară târzie, cu bust din dantelă albă și un look elegant… doar că vântul era împotriva bretelelor subțiri : voia totuși ca ea să-și protejeze brațele fine și încă bronzate, așa că ea, a ales și un cardigan. Fiecare … Continuă să citești Autumn`s Rays