Another Fall & another changes

Fall. Sometimes it`s more than a season and a little bit less than just a feeling. There`s the time of transition, when the warm days are switched by the cold ones and of course, the time when the biggest changes happen (at least for me) .We all start school or college, deal with new people, targets and indeed, different stressfull situatios. Just look at the … Continuă să citești Another Fall & another changes

Midnight thoughts

Oare cate ganduri nespuse se ascund in spatele unui zambet? Cate dorinte sfasietoare si dezamagiri profunde se zdrobesc in nu mai putin de o privire? Cate lacrimi, surasuri si suspine au urmat dupa un cuvant spus in graba? Cate nopti nedormite, cearcane parca pictate si dureri de cap crancene au urmat dupa un gest facut in graba? Cu totii ravnim fericirea, insa traim cu multa … Continuă să citești Midnight thoughts