Vintage & Floral : BaroqueStyle

Life has much more to offer than just a short story. Life is about those adventures and deep moments when you felt like falling on you knees and no one understood you. How can you change yourself into a better … Continuă lectura

My favourite floral top & Ripped Shorts – OOTD

It is almost end of the week and I just returned home from a lovely walk through the city.My today”s outfit is a summerish one, as you can see , and the floral top has a story too. Initially I … Continuă lectura

Vintage Dress & Flash Tattoos – Embrace the Sun

The only things that can compete with the sun”s rays are gold and… Flash Tattoos! I know that everyone has been obsessed with them all this summer and to be honest, they are really great and look amazing on the … Continuă lectura