Burgundy & Traditional Accents

Through essays and many things to learn, between stress an worries, I am looking for some fresh air, something that can disconnect myself from all of these. Sometimes, all of a sudden, there are a lot of memories that keep appearing on my mind : I swear, I am thankful for everything that ever happened to me. There are many times when we say ”Oh, … Continuă să citești Burgundy & Traditional Accents

Hidden in the heart of the mountain – OOTD

Away from the urban jungle, hidden in the heart of the mountain there is a place where the trees `embrace` each other and touch the sky. This beautiful place cannot be explained in words, it is simply breathless. Hidden also by a huge fog, this place at 2000 m high gives you a feeling of freedom that frees your mind and completes your soul. My … Continuă să citești Hidden in the heart of the mountain – OOTD