Conquer the world : #heelsaddict

”Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”
I do not believe in destiny or bad days, neither in bad luck or magic ; the only one person who is responsible for what happens today is… you. It is true that some things just happen all of a sudden, but it depends on the way we choose to react and especially how we face them. All the power is just in our hands and no one can ever change it. We only have one life and we should decide how to live it. No one can stop us from being happy or doing what we really want ; we just find excuses to justify all the hurt inside and sometimes we blame others for our problems. Guys, it is time to grow up and realise what really matters. Nothing can bring the wasted time back, so that is why we should think twice before doing something. If we are afraid to make a change, well, the best cannot happen; be prepared for the better days and survive in the darkest ones. Shine on!
This quote that I have chosen became my favorite one lately. Meanwhile, it brought many senses and it can be understood differently by any other person. In the first place, to assure that everything will be better, be sure that you feel ready, that you are capable of doing something for the first time. Not only your outfit, but the shoes can help you much more than you had thought. Don`t you believe me? Well, how do you feel when you`re wearing your favorite outfit? Invincible, exactly. And stronger, of course.
This pair of shoes that I am wearing today are more comfortable that I thought. I just adore how they look like on and how sweet they transform the whole outfit from a casual one in a catchy & sexy look. This pink-nude color is always on trend and will never go out of style. The final look is just perfect for the first day of college or even for Fridays on workdays. Why not? It can be worn at a night-out with your besties. You`ll never know if you dont`t try 🙂
Embrace the new changes and don`t be afraid to do what your heart says! May the best happen to you 🙂

Dress – SheIn

Purse – Bonprix

Lace-up Heels – HERE

Today changes with you! :)

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!

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