Another Fall & another changes

Fall. Sometimes it`s more than a season and a little bit less than just a feeling. There`s the time of transition, when the warm days are switched by the cold ones and of course, the time when the biggest changes happen (at least for me) .We all start school or college, deal with new people, targets and indeed, different stressfull situatios. Just look at the beautiful nature : the leaves are falling not because they want to, but it`s their time to; and they think it`s better this way. Let`s hope that something better it`s coming and embrace with so much enthusiasm all the changes. Be ready to face the real world and to develop yourself. You`re much more than you`ve taught.
Straight to the point, today`s outfit can be considered as a starter – Why? Well, it`s somehow an idea how to dress for school, college, work or just for a day off. Fall season lets your wear chunky boots and feeling like a rockstar. You can rock it all, guuurl! The floral print tote bag it`s the statement piece because it looks crazy with this casual- business outfit – it brings a little spot of color 🙂
Be sure to take your confidence with you and enjoy all the beautiful things all day long, all life long!

Shop my outfit :

Blouse – HERE

Skirt – Stradivarius

Chunky Boots – HERE

Floral Print Tote Bag – HERE

Today changes with you! :)

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!

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