Melkior coloreaza monotonia – tendinte de toamna

Chiar dacă ziua mea este peste aproximativ 3 săptămâni, surprizele plăcute au început deja să apară. Mă declar o mare fană a surprizelor spontane, cele care nu marchează neapărat ceva special. În aces context, zilele ploioase ce mi-au (ne-au) acaparat existența nu puteau fi considerate speciale fără o minunăție de colet de la Melkior Professional . După ce am primit pachețelul mov, brusc ziua ploioasa a … Continuă să citești Melkior coloreaza monotonia – tendinte de toamna

Another Fall & another changes

Fall. Sometimes it`s more than a season and a little bit less than just a feeling. There`s the time of transition, when the warm days are switched by the cold ones and of course, the time when the biggest changes happen (at least for me) .We all start school or college, deal with new people, targets and indeed, different stressfull situatios. Just look at the … Continuă să citești Another Fall & another changes

Meet the `Biker Babe` style

Yes, I wanted to recreate Cinderella. Do I even look like the modern Cinderella? Maybe you are wondering what did I choose to wear this outfit or what inspired me. Well, with this look I want to participate in a very intresting contest – Glamour Street Fashion Show -, just to have an amazing fashion experience and to develop some personal skills. The first step … Continuă să citești Meet the `Biker Babe` style