Free Spirit

Hello guys,
I know that probably most of you were expecting to see the post from my prom, with my outfit & make-up. I promise, I will post it soon, so keep an eye on my blog – you”ll be able to read different tips &triks. Today I wanna talk about that feeling that comes after a long party to almost everyone. I always have headaches and the tiredness makes me feel butterflies in my stomach – weird, I know. Lately I had discvered a ”cure” for this terrible mood : drink water or tea, eat fruits & vegetables, go outside, go for a walk or do some funny things with your friends. Even if you have a difficult period of time, as I have too, just take a break and free your mind. I have to admit that today”s outfit was not planned, I was just having some spare time outside and I wanted to share with you how easy there is to find something small that makes you happy – it”s the little things.
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Today changes with you! :)

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!

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