Crochet Spring

☕ Sometimes we live with the illusion the we can control the whole world and sculpture it in our thin hands. Sometimes we understand the our fate cannot be easily changed and accept our modest existence. As humans being, we try to be always stuck between good and awful stuff ; we want great people around, amazing memories , to see breath-taking places and to do the best things possible. The concept of ”perfection” is a real cliché and if we try to achive it in some sort of form, for sure we”ll be really disappointed. A few days ago I was asking myself why life is worth all the effort.. why we do our best and are still unsatisfied. Life is a paradox and trying to find a definition for it can be a waste of time. You discover what life is by hanging out with people and exploring nature ; give yourself time for your hobbies, dreams and hopes. You are never old enough to stop yourself from doing what your heart craves. ♥


♥ Sorry for my long absence, I was literally so lost in ”school”s stuff”. I came back with a new look that is just perfect for this spring. All the flowers around and the beautiful nature free your mind and give positive vibes. My crochet dress is oh SALE HERE and I really adore how it looks on. Nothing compares with the feling that a nice outfit gives you 🙂 Hope you like it ♥
DSCN9321 (2) DSCN9323 DSCN9325 DSCN9328 DSCN9333

Crochet Dress – HERE

Sandals – H&M


Today changes with you! :)

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!

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  1. So wonderful to see you again, dear. Such interesting thoughts on life. I am in a place now where I pretty much sit back and let it come to me, not trying to control or attain perfection, or to win, just being me as much as possible and see what happens. So far so good 🙂 Beautiful dress, could almost be a wedding dress I think. You are so lovely and those legs are so sexy! Each time they make me so happily excited 😉 Kisses
    All Things Bright and Lovely

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