International Women`s Day <3

Hello ladies,
Here comes the day when the whole universe celebrates The International Women`s Day. I know that somehow it sounds cliche, but lookind deeply inside you, then you`ll discover a real treasure. Every women is special in her own unique was and has always an amazing story to tell. Today`s about telling stories, sharing emotions, being grateful to everyone and make the whole world move with a positive vibe. Even if we go through rough times and we want to just end up and find our immediate peace, well, it will not last forever. The sense of life is discovered when you dealt with problems, rejections, disappoinments and you still smile.. You stil smile even if your life is falling apart. That`s the most representative ability of woman`s. No matter how much she is hurt, she tries her best everyday, just to make her dreams become real. All the struggle makes her more ambitious and courageous . She`s like a cheetah, risking her life just to make another`s perfect. Even if the woman has lots of big awards and is well recognised in a very important position, she cannot be happy just with that- well, she finds her happiness in her family, her husband/boyfriend`s affection, her kids. Her complex structure allows her to switch emotions, to have high hopes and to believe and fight, no matter how scared she is.
For all the women around the World, have an amazing life and do not ever lose your hope! You are unique, special and the only one who can bring positive vibes in society!

  • That`s how I spent this nice day :

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!

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