Vintage & Floral : BaroqueStyle

Life has much more to offer than just a short story. Life is about those adventures and deep moments when you`re feeling like falling on you knees and no one understands you. How can you change yourself into a better version if you do not see  your weakness? We will lose all the amazing and funny things of life if we live it with a plan in our hands. Life is about creating new ways of surviving and experiencing even the most absurd things. You are young and it is ok to make mistakes ; it is ok to be sad or to cry. But remember one thing : don`t make your pain go with no purpose, change yourself, be brave and don`t let the same things drag you down again. Don`t be afraid of losing people, keep your hope and make sure you don`t lose yourself in the middle of the crowd. If you don`t see yourself as a winner, you cannot perform like one.

Today`s outfit has some vintage accents and reminds me of Baroque style. The trench that I`m wearing is stunning, my apologies that the pics cannot describe it better. This outer is perfect for spring or autumn ( or even summer). The floral touch makes it more elegant. If you want to buy it, the hurry up! There are just a few pieces left 🙂

DSCN8760 DSCN8781 DSCN8771edDSCN8786DSCN8767DSCN8768

Vintage & Floral Trench – HERE

Lace up Blouse – HERE

Skirt – TerraNova

Boots –

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!

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