My ”GO TO” look

Hello, it”s me …
Here we are guys,  so close to the most wonderful time of the year. No words can describe the feeling that these special events create in my soul. It is the right time to do good things, be so careful with the ones around you and spend time with your beloved ones. I can see that everyone is very busy in this period, wondering what to buy for that special someone. Santa Clause is checking his list to see if you were a good person or not – and if you”be been a little naughty all the year, well, it”s your chance to change Santa”s plans by impressing him deeply. I haven”t finished my letter yet, but I will not ask Santa for a lot of things. Maybe I am too ”mainstream” but I wish almost everything I asked for in the previous years. These days I heard a lot of Christmas songs and this makes me feel like a little kid, impressed by the all magic around. 
I know it”s been a little while since my latest (ootd) post, I came with the same excuse : ”ain”t nobody got time for this”. I had a tiny shopping session last week and I am so excited to share with you my new outfit, the one that became my ”go to look” these days. It is kind of weird that at the beginning of this month we had here some snow and right now the weather seems to be more like spring. Ooook so let”s see what we have there : 
DSCN8530 DSCN8550 DSCN8554 DSCN8566 DSCN8535

I am wearing :

Coat – HERE

Sweater – HERE

Jeans – H&M

High Heel Boots –

Purple Hat – Local Store

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!

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