Cherry – Red Obsession

Oh man… How much I miss the times when I was younger and my only ”stress” was what color to pick to paint some scratches. I am at the age where I am not a child anymore but I don*t think that the status of an adult defines me at all. No matter at how age we are, all the time we*re in front of beginnings and choices – we only live once so we*re not obligued to know everything by heart. We*re learning all the time and just a small amount of our decisions are for a lifetime. Not even love is eternal.. Well, if it*s love for a color – I am pretty sure that it lasts forever. I just adore the red color and I swear, in the last perios of time I bought a lot of red- burgundy clothes – Someone stop me ((: So, in for today*s outfit I chose my new cherry-red sweater, that is very comfy and soft – just perfect for season, especially that Crhristmas is coming so quickly – Cannot wait 🙂 –

DSCN8387 DSCN8390 DSCN8397 DSCN8401 

Cherry – Red Sweater – HERE

Pants – Bershka

High-Heeled Boots –

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!

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