Questions without answers

Did it ever happen to you… ? To have a million thoughts in your head but cannot express at least one word ? To feel like you want to do a lot of things but you*re in a bad mood? Day by day we have hundred and hundred of questions but no answers.. Sometimes I feel like I am shouting so loud but nobody can hear me. I gave up on things and especially people, but it wasn*t just for my own confort (and to mention that some of them are still blaming me for this – Maybe they will realise the benefit in this one day). People always expect you to do just good things and if at some point you make a mistake – they will judge you…

It*s been a little while since my last post and I felt that I should present an outfit on my blog, to share some inspiring thoughts with you. A few days ago I was happy (somehow) to see the first snow – it*s my fault I didn*t take pictures then, cuz now there*s no snow left. For sure we will have snow for Christmas but I feel like there*s a much time till then. The sweater that I*m wearing here is not so thick as a regular (woolen) one and is perfect for a warm day of winter (especially for Fall). I think it*s the first time I purchased a white&blue sweater and I am happy that somehow my closet will have a variety of clothes. What do you think ? Yay or Nay ? (:

DSCN8366 DSCN8376 DSCN8384

Sweater – HERE

Jacket – HERE

Pants – Bershka

Soufeel Bracelet – HERE

Boots – CCC

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!



4 gânduri despre “Questions without answers

  1. The sweater is so sweet, especially on lovely you. And your writing is so full of passion. I was agreeing with each part of it. The reaction to my newest poem makes me feel like no one can hear me, even though when I was writing it I felt like I was yelling it loudly. I just keep telling myself the people who are supposed to hear me will hear me. xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely


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