Urban Fall – The concept of RED

I had always considered that red will always remain a color that defines fashion : it looks very catchy and by its vibrant effect this color can easily control the entire fashion world. Its strong shade makes you look more confident and gives you courage by letting the concept of being more powerfull. Since I was little this color sticked into my heart and I am pretty sure that for my graduation ball my long maxi dress for sure will be red (: the sweater that I am wearing today has an unique design : the little holes are some small diamonds and the material is some kind of soft wool. I think it goes perfectly with a skirt but I chose to combine it with my favourite ripped blue jeans :

DSCN8288 DSCN8289 DSCN8293 DSCN8297 DSCN8300

Sweater – HERE

Ripped Jeans – ZARA

Boots – Local Store

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!


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