Ombre Sweater & Sun

Autumn is almost over and this thing becomes more obivious with that coldness from the outside. It seems that today I caught the last smiles from the sun and put them into some artistic photos. The leaves are saying ”Goodbye” and disappear with every second that goes by. To be honest, winter is not my type and just its special holidays keep me ”alive”. For today”s outfit I chose to wear one of my cropped-top sweaters, which as you can see is very special : it does not have just one shade, it is kind of ombre. This concept is very intresting and the sweater is so comfy. It goes lovely with a pair of high-waisted jeans or even a black skirt : make your choice (:

DSCN8301 DSCN8303DSCN8302 DSCN8304

Ombre Sweater – HERE

High-waisted Jeans – Bershka

Flats – CCC

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!

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