Vibes of Fall – Polka dot Dress & Fur Vest

Every leaf that”s falling down counts every second, every emotion, every thought. Autumn has its special way to impress us and the atmoshpere is totally cooperating with it. Some days are warm, some of them windy, but there is a balance between. One of my ”go to” outfits this season in a outfit that integrates a polka-dots short dress, boots and why not, a fur vest. Playing with style is one of my hobbies and I really like to switch items from a season to another. Also, today”s outfit can be just perfect for school or college if you want to feel comfy and cute at the same time. Because I already am tall I do not wear heels everyday, but you can replace the boots with a pair of high-heels if you want to recreate this look.DSCN7627DSCN7633 DSCN7634DSCN7626

Dress – HERE

Fur Vest – HERE

Boots – SheIn

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!


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