What I wore in the first day of school – Senior Year

There were emotions and some worries but I knew it was the time. I walked a little bit shy and thought of all the memories that I reached there. The idea that a new chapter of life is just beginning doesn’t scare me at all, I got used to do new things. I understood that life is about choices and decisions, we are the decisions that we make. Even if we do not have some kind of rules that tells us what we really have to do in life, we can win over problems and stress. The only ‘reciepe’ we have to count on is ‘do what you feel’. Even if sometimes we do not make the right deciosions…well, those are the most unforgettable moments.
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Scarf – HERE

Dress – HERE

Bag – HERE

Shoes – HERE

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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  1. Hi Dear! That scarf is gorgeous and the dress is fantastic on you! Up top it shows off your sweet, lovely curves and down below those amazing legs!! Enjoyed these so much, sweetie! Picture 4 was the one for me tonight, you are so beautiful and sexy!!! I love the concept of do what you feel. I am trying to hard to stay true to that but I always get nervous I might offend someone. Stunning shots, dear!! Wow 🙂 Kisses
    Oh and as for me and tights, if you mean how did I start wearing them a blogger friend who knew how much seeing them on ladies made me happy said that for fun I should try and model some. So I did, and now its a thing 🙂 I have been attracted to girls in tights since I was very young, nothing more exciting for me. And its fun to get to wear some myself too 🙂
    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. First of all I wanna thank you for your long comment and your kindness! I really appreciate people like you! You always write nice things and make my day way better. I am so glad I have discovered the story of your ”Obsession” and I think so – tights are very exciting 😀 Have a lovely day, dear friend!

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