Back to school Series – Outfit (1)

It”s already August, the time passes by so fast and after some weeks we can sadly say… September just came. We all know how stressed and busy we will be that time and how many things we have to get done. In almost a month the school will start and I have been thinking of making a ”Back to School Series” that will include tips, outfits, diy-s and advices. Since there is not so much time left I am gonna star this plan right now. Therefore, here is the first outfit that I would wear on a regular school/college day – even at work or at an important event-. The embroided top in very comfy and keeps the ”warm” away and gives you a feeling of comfort. I really like my medium-sized bag because it seems so little but you can carry a lot of stuff in it. The pants are comfy too and are mid-waist &elastic. If you like to wear this outfit you can replace, for e.g., the sandals which are not so easy to walk in. All in all, this outfit is a casual one and I accesorized it with a golden ring and my Soufeel Bracelet. Hope you like it.

DSCN7189ed DSCN7192ed DSCN7197ed

Embroidered Top – HERE

Jeans – HERE

Bag – HERE

Sandals – H&M

Soufeel Sterling Silver Bracelet – HERE

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!

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