Hidden in the heart of the mountain – OOTD

Away from the urban jungle, hidden in the heart of the mountain there is a place where the trees `embrace` each other and touch the sky. This beautiful place cannot be explained in words, it is simply breathless. Hidden also by a huge fog, this place at 2000 m high gives you a feeling of freedom that frees your mind and completes your soul. My heart was also stolen by this amazing place and for sure I will come back here for multiple times.

DSCN6951ed DSCN6954ed DSCN6956ed DSCN6959ed

Jacket – HERE

Shirt – H&M

Jeans – Bershka

Converse Shoes

Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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Thank you so much!

23 de gânduri despre “Hidden in the heart of the mountain – OOTD

  1. Ce dor de munte mi-a trezit postarea ta!
    Imi place mult tinuta, e chic si confortabila totodata! N-am vazut pe Romwe jacheta aceea, o voi avea in vedere! 🙂

    Lavender Thoughts


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