Jewlery time : Petal Necklace and Delicate Ring

Being elegant is for the those who are looking the biggest weakness.Wear your attitude first but accesorize it with something in concordance. Do not exaggerate with jewleries, so short dresses or very high heels : a real woman do not need them to impress ; being herself is all that she needs. But sometimes we need some little things such as necklaces or rings to show a little bit more of our amazing features. I have a huge passion for jewleries, I have an entire collection -I would say, but I rarely wear them. Recently I discovered some lovely accesories and I could not stom to buy at least one- two pieces. This necklace impressed me with those drums that look like margaret`s petals. I saw something simmilar in H&M but this is totally more elegant (and cheaper). The ring has an unique meaning too, it is very delicate and it has a little diamond- pebble. I think this is wearable -like everyday- and gives you a little touch of elegance. Both of those jewleries are just perfect for special ocasions and ordinary days. What can I say? Well, I adore them (:
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Today changes with you! 🙂

XoXo, Ale

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