Little Grey Dress-Street&Casual OOTD

It is one of those May`s nights out when you want to recall some old places that you`ve been knowing since you were a child. When you see how many things had changed and how the places transformed you actually realise that nobody and nothing can just stop the time and let things the way they are. Life is like an endless road – sometimes it`s a race where even you don`t know whether you`re coming or going; sometimes life`s like a cruise and all you have to do is to decide where to go next. What I`ve learned it`s that noting ever will just stop for you or it will ask `Are you ready?`. There is a story behind every photo and today I just want to be… simple. So simple and at the same time complicated. This grey dress shows feminity and attractiveness.  It can be worn with a sexy pair of high-heeled sandals or, why not, a pair of black flats – the idea is that you can play with your style and always re-create it (:collage DSCN4300edDSCN4301edDSCN4340ed
What I`m  wearing :

Today changes with you! 🙂
XoXo, Ale
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Thank you so much!

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